Regency Park Hazlet NJ, In Full Bloom!

Summer is a virtual certainty at this point!

I can smell it in the air and I saw it this morning when I pulled up to Regency Park in Hazlet.

The frontage of our property is simply majestic and we ‘dress it up’ anew every spring, much to the delight of the town and the Hazlet Community Council!

I posted some neat photos of what I saw this morning as I pulled up to our facility.

Check out my pictures on our Regency Blog by clicking on this link: Regency Nursing Blog


Regency Park Front Entrance!

Regency Park Front Entrance!

Nestled in a shady grove of stately oak tress, the 170-bed Regency Park is designed for optimum comfort, safety and accessibility. Our interdisciplinary team of experienced caregivers and support staff is specially trained to meet the widely varying and changing needs of our residents and patients, including the elderly, those suffering from prolonged illnesses or disabilities, as well as those who need short-term rehabilitation. Services range from 24-hour skilled nursing to sub-acute care and assistance with basic requirements of everyday living.

Call 732-264-5800 to schedule a tour!

About Judah Gutwein, L.N.H.A.

I have many years of experience in the creation, implementation and marketing of high profile businesses to the online community. In 2012, I dedicated and channeled my passion to focus on the Healthcare industry. As a Licensed Nursing Home Administrator, with additional years of experience as an Admissions and Marketing Director, I am intimately familiar with the challenges of building and maintaining a vibrant and profitable census in nursing and rehab facilities.
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